Wednesday, May 13, 2009


So I know it is kind of late to be posting this one, but we really had a good time at Christmas with my family and I wanted everyone to see our fun pictures from Christmas time. We don't get to see my family as often so it is fun when we can include fun trips with them as well. The boys had so much fun playing with their cousins, and we all had a good time going to the Airplane Museum and the Zoo. Oh and who can forget the presents!

Welcome visitors...

We have been fortunate to have family come and visit over the last couple of months. Greg was here for Jordans 3rd birthday, and then Jean came later to spend time with us. We love the company and are so blessed to be so loved by our parents/grandparents. We were also able to be in Vegas for Easter, and the boys loved jumping on Grandma & Grandpa's trampoline in their underware! It was fun to see everyone and relax a little.


Sienna continues to be our little angel. She is really starting to get a personality and is so much fun. She is the most content baby we have had out of all our kids, and she has such a sweet disposition. She is crawling and standing up on thing now, and loves to crawl into her brothers room and play with them on the floor. She brings our family so much joy.

The Boys

The boys... What can I say they are the funniest guys we know. When they aren't fighting they are playing. When they aren't playing they are wrestling, and when they aren't wrestling they are some type of super hero which usual turns into wrestling and fighting. So yea they keep us laughing and tired all the time!

San Diego baby!

Nathaniel and I had an opportunity(thanks to his parents watching the kids)to go to San Diego together for three nights and four days. We had a blast, and have not been that relaxed in a long time! We obviously got to see the San Diego Temple, and enjoyed the beautiful grounds. We spent a lot of time at different beaches, and we went to my new favorite place, Corinado Island. Downtown San Diego has a harbor where all the ships, including military, are docked. It was fun to sit and watch the boats sail by, and people fishing from off the rocks. What a beautiful place! Thanks again Mom & Dad!